Hope You Enjoyed It!
August 13-15, 2014
  Ritz-Carlton Sarasota
Sarasota, FL


GreenTrends 2014 in Review:

Certifying Agent of the Year
Drew Smith – 721 Homes
Newly Elected FGBC Board Members
(l-r) Peggy Christ, Deirdre Irwin, Randy Conn, Ralph Locke, Claire Lewis, Scott McCracken
Highest Scoring Green Home
Big Bend Habitat for Humanity
(l-r) Certifying Agent Randy Conn, Habitat Construction Manager Skip Sawyer
FGBC Certified Green Professionals
(l-r) Michael Sollitto, James Pooler, Randy Conn, Jane Conn, Michael Houston, Julia Galofre, Scott McCracken, Weston Waugh
Highest Scoring High-Rise
Gables 4585 Ponce
Coral Gables
(l-r) FGBC Designated Professional Jennifer Languell, Owner Representative Sheldon Powell
FGBC Volunteer of the Year Nominees
(l-r) Deirdre Irwin (co-winner), Nate Ritter, Lisa Pearcy, Larry Hale (co-winner), with FGBC President Rob Vieira
Highest Scoring Local Government – City
Dunedin – First Platinum Level
(l-r) Christina Perez – Dunedin Sustainability Coordinator, Cindy Hall-FGBC Awards Committee Chair
FGBC Committee Chairs 2014
(l-r) Randy Conn, Deirdre Irwin, Larry Hale, Cindy Hall, Nate Ritter, Patricia Gomez, Jennifer Languell

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