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July 20, 2018
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A Comprehensive Plan is a document used for envisioning the future growth of a municipality.  The Comprehensive Plan can also be used to address the constant change and evolution taking place as development and conservation take place.

The Comprehensive Plan’s goals are long-range and intended to set the vision of the community guiding the policy decision making within the community.

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Cover Page, Acknowledgements & Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Planning Framework

The Planning Framework is an instrument created for use by City citizens, City officials, and the public to help guide in the revision of the state mandated Comprehensive Plan. While not required by statute, the Citizen Advisory Committees and staff developed the Planning Framework through public input to provide a synopsis which formally establishes the focus of the newly amended Comprehensive Plan. The Goals, Objectives and Policies that are found in each element of the Comprehensive Plan have been designed to implement or better define one or more vision statements in the Planning Framework.

Planning Framework Text

Community Concept Map

Chapter 2: Future Land Use

The Future Land Use Element provides direction for managing anticipated growth in the City of North Port in an orderly and balanced manner. The Future Land Use Element, Future Land Use Map, and the other elements of the Comprehensive Plan are designed to work in concert to ensure that the distribution of land uses will meet the future economic, social, physical, and environmental needs of the City of North Port, thereby increasing the overall quality of life.

Future Land Use Text

Goals, Objectives, and Policy

Future Land Use Maps (set 1)

Future Land Use Maps (set 2)

Chapter 3: Transportation

The goal of the transportation element is to develop an effective multi-modal transportation system which optimizes safety, convenience, cost, and pollution reduction practices by establishing internal and external transportation linkages between residential neighborhoods and activity centers.

Transportation Text

Goals, Objectives, and Policy

Transportation Maps

Chapter 4: Utilities

Incorporating complex operations that keep our city running clean, healthy, and dry, the Utilities Chapter is broken into 4 subsections each highlighting an important part of city functions: Potable Water, Sanitary Sewer, Solid Waste, and Stormwater Management.

Potable Water Text 

Goals, Objectives, and Policy

Potable Water Maps

Sanitary Sewer Text

Goals, Objectives, and Policy

Sanitary Sewer Maps

Solid Waste Text

Goals, Objectives, and Policy

Stormwater Text

Goals, Objectives, and Policy

Stormwater Maps

Chapter 5: Conservation and Coastal Zone Management

Despite development pressure unprecedented in Sarasota County, North Port and its elected officials have consistently supported measures to conserve the City’s natural resources.  This includes the protection of endanger species, fresh water, vegetation, and archeological sites.

Conservation and Coastal Zone Management Text

Goals, Objectives, and Policy

Conservation and Coastal Zone Management Maps (1st set)

Conservation and Coastal Zone Management Maps (2nd set)

Chapter 6: Recreation and Open Space

The Parks and Recreational Open Space of North Port is an important part of our resident’s lives.  The promotion of health, happiness, and community are core to what makes North Port a home for so many people.

Recreation and Open Space Text 

Goals, Objectives, and Policy

Recreation and Open Space Maps

Chapter 7: Intergovernmental Coordination

Many formal and informal networks of information and coordination currently exist between the City of North Port and other governmental units and agencies. These units and agencies often participate in some phase of planning involving land use and/or provision of services necessitating coordination with Sarasota County.

This section illustrates how these networks between the City, Sarasota County and adjacent counties, local authorities and special districts, regional authorities and districts, and state and federal agencies.

Intergovernmental Coordination Text

Goals, Objectives, and Policy

Chapter 8: Housing

Adequate housing is one of the key components of a healthy community, and a critical ingredient in the way a community grows. Therefore, the primary goal of this element is to ensure that a range of housing opportunities and choices are available for current and future City of North Port residents of all income levels and life stages.

Housing Text

Goals, Objectives, and Policy

Chapter 9: Public School Facilities

The Public-School Facilities Element sets forth a program to serve the needs of residents, coordinates residential development with adequate school capacity, and encourages coordination and cooperation in planning efforts of various agencies and elected bodies within Sarasota County.

Public Schools Text

Goals, Objectives, and Policy

Chapter 10: Capital Improvements

The Capital Improvements Element ties together the implementing goals, objectives, and policies of the Comprehensive Plan as a whole with the funded improvements to support them.

Capital Improvements Text

Goals, Objectives, and Policy

Capital Improvement Maps

Chapter 11: Economic Development

The Economic Development Element is an optional chapter in a municipalities’ comprehensive plan.  The city of North Port chose to include a list of Goals, Objectives, and Policies to send a message about its commitment to the economic health of the community.

Goals, Objectives, and Policy