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May 20, 2018
Willis A. Smith Construction
July 25, 2018

Building Sustainably (And Profitably) with CEO David Sessions of Willis Smith Construction

Working sustainably isn’t just good for the planet, it’s good for business. That lesson was re-iterated for us on our third stop of the Creative Animal Tour in Sarasota, Florida at Willis Smith Construction.

This open house location threw some people for a loop at first, however, our goal is to shine a spotlight on people, places, and organizations who are fine examples of how to live, work, and play – more sustainably. Willis Smith Construction is doing just that.

Upon completion, their corporate headquarters received a high gold ranking by USGBC, otherwise known as the U.S. Green Building Council. Their LEED Certification process (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rates the environmental sustainability of a given building based on its’ materials, water and energy efficiency, and indoor environmental quality. To learn more about what goes into LEED Certification, check out this website:

CEO, David Sessions. He was able to explain what went into the construction of the building in an in-depth and practical way. We hope you are inspired by Willis Smith Construction and CEO David Sessions. If you are in Florida and are thinking about building a LEED certified building, check them out here: