Owner Builder Program, Save 30%, `NexGen Framing Systems, Steel Frame House
July 31, 2018
Hurricane Proof Homes. Tornado Proof Green Home in Florida
July 31, 2018

Modern construction technologies by Florida Green Homes


ICF walls used by Florida Green Homes builder gets higher insulating value as compared to regular walls. Live in a Florida Green Home and feel the difference. Advantages of Living in a Florida Green Home:

– Up to 70% Savings on your monthly Energy Bills! – Walls engineered to resist up to 200 mph winds!

– Substantially lower Homeowner Insurance Rates!

– Virtually Allergen and Dust Free! Essential for Asthma and Allergy sufferers.

– Mold and Termite Resistant!

– Sound Suppressant and Fire Resistant!

– Low Maintenance,FloridaNative Landscaping!

– A brand new Florida Green Home rents faster (if it was built as an investment property) because of all the same benefits that attracted the home owner.

– A brand new Florida Green Home is valued higher when listed for sale, again, because of all the benefits and “standard upgrades” that are included in its construction.

Florida Green Home, built today, with modern construction technologies, will be competitive when it is resold in 5-10-20 or more years from now with a brand new home actually built then.