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September 12, 2018
East Coast Recycling Concrete Aggregate
September 12, 2018

East Coast Recycling Mulch

East Coast Recycling, Inc. is a manufacturer of organic by-products, which include Mulch, TopSoil, and Pine Dust. These high quality products are produced from yard waste and land clearing debris from jobs in the Tri-County areas.
Our Native Mulch contains all native woods found in the Tri-County area. Some of these woods include: cypress, yellow pine, oak, melaleuca, (various) palms, Australian pine, and some exotics. These products go through various natural composting and reduction processes, which sterilize the finished product.Our long-term process begins with the stockpiling of wood. This is to ensure that the product reaches a high enough temperature to prevent germination of seeds. The product is then reduced to a consistent product via grinding/shredding. Then this product is put through the screening process to extract and separate the various products. The screening creates various products that are high in organic matter, and mulch that is made solely from the remaining oversize wood grinds/shreds. The finished product is then a seed free, weed free wood.