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September 12, 2018
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September 12, 2018

Recycled Plastic Factory

Thank you for your interest in the environmentally friendly products manufactured by the Recycled Plastic Factory! By the use of recycled plastic we are saving energy, reducing water and air pollution, saving trees, and even creating jobs.

As our planet’s population continues to grow, we must all work together to develop sound strategies to insure the health of our resources. By creating awareness, demanding the use of sustainable materials, and making recycling an integral part of our lives, we will be able to reduce our environmental impact and provide a better tomorrow for future generations.

With this understanding, the Recycled Plastic Factory strives to be a steward of the environment offering green products designed to minimize our environmental footprint. Through the operation of a safe and responsible recycling facility, in combination with the use of 100% post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled materials to produce superior, longer-lasting product designed to outlive traditional unsustainable materials, we hope to deliver on this promise.