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September 12, 2018

Infinite Energy Solutions

Energy Calcs with HVAC System Sizing
Infinite Energy Solutions uses the latest version of Energy Gauge to complete energy calculations. We will also include an HVAC system (Manual J) with our energy calcs. Our system sizing calculation factors in house specific details, including orientation, to ensure the HVAC units are correctly sized. We use the latest version of Wrightsoft for our system sizing calcs

Tampa Florida Home Inspections And Energy Audits Duct
HVAC Duct Design (Manual D)
If a new home is being constructed, an HVAC Duct Design or Manual D calculation should be performed. A Manual D calculation is based upon the heat loss and gain determined by a Manual J calculation. Ductwork must be a certain size and placed in particular locations that differ from building to building. Contact Infinite Energy Solutions, Inc. for HVAC Duct Design to determine the proper size of ductwork and the ideal locations for ductwork placement.

Tampa Florida Home Inspections And Energy Audits Commercial Building
Light Commercial Energy Calcs
Light Commercial Energy Calcs are similar to the services listed above, except they are performed for smaller buildings reserved for commercial use.