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September 12, 2018
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May 4, 2020

Digital Marketing to Increase Lead Generation in the Era of COVID-19

Finding and closing new business means sourcing as many high-quality leads as you can. Now with coronavirus on everyone’s mind and the cancelling and postponing of events and meetings, it is more important than ever to use tools and marketing strategies that go beyond face-to-face.

Content marketing proves value

Creating information targeted to your audience’s specific needs makes you more discoverable and showcases your value. Create different kinds of content specifically for their needs: videos on how your software tracks workflow, case studies on working with homeowners, new models and developments, blogs about residential and commercial construction practices and technology, etc.

Not only are you educating readers, but you’re also showing the advantage of using your expertise and services.

Social media opens the door

Any efforts to promote on your website need to pair with what you’re doing on your social media channels and vice-versa. The website and social work in tandem to push your information out there and draw people towards your marketing assets.

Additionally, social media is an opportunity to engage in technology conversations that direct where the industry is going. This is your chance to prove your company is a thought leader.

And yes, you can also create inbound leads from social using purpose-built paid advertising on services like LinkedIn and Facebook. But you can also solicit inbound leads through others sharing your valuable content and earning social referrals.

Optimize your website

When was the last time you did an audit of your website for lead generation strategy? We can help. You want to use every aspect of your website to maximize your lead generation potential. Look for ways to get people to leave their contact information. Create content funnels on the website related to buyer personas. This way, people are seeing personalized content and are more likely to give you information about themselves.

Think beyond the box

Generate leads by standing out and above the crowd. While you want to be where your prospective clients are online, do something with your content that different and effective. We’ve built a brand around doing real estate marketing differently.

Make your fans go raving mad

Like any industry,word-of-mouth referrals are a leading way to generate customer leads. Take your existing customers and find ways to delight and surprise them in your marketing efforts. Turn them into your biggest fans.

Ask for their support in the digital world. Having someone leave a video testimonial is an incredibly powerful way to support your lead generation efforts.

Go to the fish

If you want to be noticed you’ve got to go where clients and prospects are convering. Until we can participate in groups and meetings like look for digital ways to build bridges. Start networking on platforms like LinkedIn. Find social groups or follow specific hashtags in your niche.

Not sure where the fish are? Cast some bait and take the conversation online. If you can’t meet in a coffee shop, how about hosting a “virtual coffee shop” meeting? Lure the fish to you.

Be exceptional

The single most important lead generation tactic is to create exceptional experiences at every touch point. You never know where your biggest lead is going to come from, so be prepared from every angle to surprise and delight.