Groninger Custom Homes Builds FGBC Platinum Certifed Home in Winter Park
March 18, 2020
What is sustainable development?
May 1, 2020

Going Green: A How-to for Florida’s Municipalities

Note: You will need to resister to view Webinar. Going Green? In Florida you have a choice. Join the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC), the leading certifier of local green governments, for an informative and educational session on how cities, towns and villages can become “Florida Green” through a program that scores municipalities in terms of categories. The FGBC Green Local Government program is truly unique within the United States. It creates an environment of communication and coordination among different departments while streamlining processes, decreasing redundancies, and generating new approaches toward sustainability and resource preservation. The Moderator for this event will be FGBC Executive Director C.J. Davila. Scheduled panelists includes FGBC board member Jeremy Nelson of Green Gov., Jim Barnes, Assistant City Manager, Villages of Wellington, and Julie Ward Bujalski, Mayor of Dunedin.