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July 25, 2018

Breaking Ground Green Roof Garden

Breaking Ground Contracting has an amazing, green roof with may indigenous plants. The Bio-Diversity is fun to see. Check out how it is going!
July 25, 2018

Kids Planting and Harvesting from the Breaking Ground Green Roof

We finally had the kids up to the roof to pick fruits and veggies! It is important that this generation learns about Green Roofs and builds […]
July 25, 2018

Breaking Ground Green Roof: Urban Agriculture

Catherine Burkee discusses how the Breaking Ground Contracting green roof projects contributes to the urban agriculture movement in Jacksonville, FL.
July 25, 2018

Schulke, Bittle and Stoddard LLC in Vero Beach, Florida

Schulke, Bittle and Stoddard L.L.C. has provided competent, reliable and professional civil, structural, coastal engineering and surveying services within the Treasure Coast area since its inception in […]
July 25, 2018

2014 Pinellas County Symposium – Urban Redevelopment through Adaptive Reuse

hursday, Oct. 30, 2014 In the second segment of “Creative Tools and Innovative Strategies – Local and National Case Studies,” Joseph Kokolakis, local developer and president […]
July 25, 2018

Jeff Bezos’ Space Company Is Building A New Rocket Facility In Florida

Blue Origin, the space company run by Jeff Bezos, recently revealed its massive new rocket factory in Florida. The producers for USLaunchReport, shot some of the […]

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